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To Whom It May Concern:

This is an album about revolutions, revolutionaries, and revolutionary thought. It starts and ends with a different version of the same song, is on a circular disc, and spins endlessly in your cd player. It talks about planets flying around the sun, the French Revolution, and has an ode to Fidel Castro. Interwoven throughout many of the songs are ideas from the Luddite movement. It even resurrects an old Luddite anthem, written in 1811 in the beautiful Nottingham countryside, and turned into a euro-punk song by the anarchist pop-group Chumbawumba in 1988 (yes, THAT band). Mine is a folk song, thank you very much.

So please relax, grab a comfortable seat, open your intellectual curiosity just a tad, and let the revolution flow through your brain.



released November 21, 2007

All music, lyrics*, sounds, vocals, engineering, and production by Alan Cohen Experience.

Mastered by Barry Diament.

Artwork by Daniel Harris (

*Verses for "Che" by Che Guevara


all rights reserved



Alan Cohen Experience New York, New York

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Track Name: Revolutions
fly fly little moon
the tides are spun by you
you live among the stars
with galaxies and mars

comets shooting by
you path's endless as time
the earth goes around the sun
this revolution's never done
Track Name: Mandela

he was born July 1918
a couple miles from the capital of Transkei
his dad worked for the Thembu King
in his family he was one of thirteen


he learned western style at an institute
where they named him nelson and gave him a suit
instead of three years he graduated in two
he was the first Mandela in school to boot


now you must remember that at this time
apartheid was the systematic regime
in school Mandela took a party line
to expose to the world all of Britain's crimes


he joined the Youth League of the ANC
the African National Congress to you and me
from the start he joined the activity
no matter what the cost or the legal fee


for a while non-violence was the name of the game
but in 1956 that position changed
150 were arrested without much of a claim
a five year trial later, they were free again


the Sharpeville massacre seemed very planned
'cause a few months later the ANC was banned
nelson made a call to arms and met with Jewish friends
who used the Irgun style to form a new plan


the Spear of the Nation is what it was called
and they used sabotage to make apartheid fall
but in 1964 Nelson took his one phone call
and he went to jail for life in Robbins Island's halls


after 26 years he walked out of jail
and it had absolutely nothing to do with bail
apartheid had fallen and his stance prevailed
and he became President of South Africa!
Track Name: Smog: The Industrial Revolution
it's the brand new fog

kill the machines and the factories
technology, it's not for me
Track Name: The French Revolution
it's a little more then loafs of bread
or wearing beanies on you head
les miserables and John val John
the royalty be gone be gone!

enlightenment has grasped its hold
and now the King needs to be told
the Americans, they won their war
could this be what we're looking for?

the debt is huge the King has said
I want to pass a tax instead
of borrowing to pay our rent
gather up the Parliament!

but Nobles came to have the vote
and opposition clearly showed
they said give the people their voice
give them more then just one choice!

The King called estates-general
they met inside a giant hall
in his mistake the third estate
they came crashing through the gate

"liberte, egalite, fratenite"
it's french to me
aristocracy is all we see
we shall end the monarchy!
Track Name: Pharaoh
Pharoah, Pharoah let me go
there's a festival to celebrate now
in the desert we will see no snow
it's a three day journey out

I have shown them all their lord
and they are believers now
he will strike them with his mighty sword
if they don't leave here this town

but the taskmasters they said
this is not how it shall be
they must get their straw and make their beds
and work on what we need

so Moses said to the lord himself
this is not how you said it would be
how can i pay the king all his hell
as a man of impeded speech?

the lord replied with Aaron's name
and said he will speak for you
the Egypt king will never reign
while he enslaves Hebrews

the brothers went to the royal court
and out in plain view
Moses did a trick of the magic sort
but the King's men did it too

so Moses said what happened here
Lord, what are we to do
the Lord had some tricks up his sleeve
there were ten more he would use

the final one was a great in-just
the King's son wound up dead
he could take no more and said he must
not sleep till they all have fled

the King soon gathered his wits
and set out on a chase
with his army and his chariots
he began to win the race

the Hebrews hit the waters edge
at the shore of the Sea of Reeds
with the water low, they walked across
with the King near out the trees

the army men they followed suit
but while out at sea
the water rose and washed them away
the Hebrews had gotten free

with mighty song and lots of bread
the danced their victory
slaves no more, towards home they went
trotting gloriously
Track Name: Che
hey Che
what do you say?
the Cubans are wondering why you're running away

"The socialist countries have the moral duty of liquidating their tacit complicity with the exploiting countries of the West."

"Hatred as an element of the struggle a relentless hatred of the enemy impelling us over and beyond the natural limitations that man is heir to and transforming him into an effective, violent, selective and cold killing machine. Our soldiers must be thus a people without hatred cannot vanquish a brutal enemy"

Hasta siempre comandante
Your glorious and strong hand
Takes a shot at history
And as Fidel we say
Till forever comandante

In a revolution, one triumphs or dies.
Don't be afraid, commander, I'll die by your side!
Track Name: Castro
oh castro
you've got to go
to japan
or maybe siam
or buy a casio
and start a band
but just stay off of my land

your mustachio
has go to go
and your cigar
is filled with tar
so catch a boat
to the florida coast
it's not too far 'cause you're a star

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